Quality testing center

The quality inspection structure must be able to exercise its authority independently in the work. In the process of inspection, judgment and disposal, it is not subject to the constraints of design, production, planning, finance and other departments and factors. Even if it is judged as unqualified, it will greatly affect the development and production progress or delay the delivery time, which will bring huge economic losses to the enterprise. But from the perspective of users and society, product quality can not be ignored, unqualified is unqualified, because only under the premise of ensuring quality, can we really keep the products researched and produced meet the needs of users, and are marketable. For the enterprise itself, when the product quality is stable and improved, the user will continue to buy, the enterprise will continue to develop and grow, will have economic benefits, and cannot cause long-term regret for the short-sightedness of quality. The quality inspection shall

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